About us


Speckle offers a brighter alternative when you need a small loan for life's expenses (without the hidden costs). We're an Australian not-for-profit small lender which means all fees and charges go back into keeping costs as low as possible so more people can borrow better.

Speckle was created by not-for-profit GSM and National Australia Bank (NAB) to better serve a large section of the Australian population who's only option was high cost payday loans. Speckle has been created to help these people access a more affordable option. Speckle loans are issued by Good Shepherd Microfinance (GSM).

How does the partnership work?

National Australia Bank (NAB) joined forces with GSM over 14 years ago to help build a stronger and more resilient Australia, providing more people with access to appropriate and affordable financial products and services. As a not-for-profit organisation, Good Shepherd Microfinance works closely with local communities to provide access to financial products that meet the essential needs of many Australians.

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