Life is complicated and expensive. Few, if any of us set out with the intention of accruing debt, yet somehow it has become a fact of life for virtually everyone. Whether it’s a pile of credit cards in the wallet, or the ball and chain of mortgage, car and personal loan repayments, the story is all too familiar. By the time you’ve finished paying back what you owe, there’s precious little left to cover monthly expenses, so you just end up, you guessed it, in more debt. In too many cases, this takes the form of payday loans that look attractive on the surface but come with crippling interest, repayment conditions and hidden fees that only serve to perpetuate the cycle of debt.

Even for those conscientious enough to maintain a structured household budget, the equation can quickly be thrown out of whack when unexpected or once-off expenses hit. It is a fact of life that things can and do go wrong and that there is always someone who wants to stick their hands in your pockets to see what they can pull out. When this happens, already stretched finances can be thrown into disarray and families can be left agonising over how they are to afford all the things that they need to survive.

Fortunately, it is not all doom or gloom. Speckle was formed to help people in Australia reclaim financial control and independence by providing easily accessible, fast loans online to those in need, without the crippling price tag. You don’t have to be on the brink of financial disaster to borrow. In fact, Speckle has already assisted many ordinary individuals and families to navigate through short-term financial challenges and get back on track to economic stability. If you’re experiencing any of the scenarios described below, then a small cash loan from Speckle of between $200-$2000 might be right for you:

Automotive Expenses

We all know the feeling of dread when the car rego bill arrives, the engine starts spluttering, the tyres have worn so thin that you can see the mesh or the new insurance assessment turns up after you’ve run into the back of that Jeep in the supermarket car park. Most of us don’t have hundreds or thousands of dollars squirreled away for these eventualities. However, we all need our cars on the road to get to work, so there’s little choice but to cough up, which means sacrificing in other areas or building up the balance on the credit card.

Medical and Health Expenses

Sudden illness or injury for yourself, a spouse or child can be a traumatic experience. Unless you have exceptional private health cover, you can easily find yourself looking at bills with frightening numbers of zeros at the bottom, which is the last thing you need when you’re trying to focus on your loved one’s welfare. Hospital, ambulance, medications and ongoing rehabilitation costs can easily put a tight squeeze on already strained finances.


Once upon a time, laptops and smartphones were considered luxuries. Today’s world makes it almost impossible to function effectively without such devices, especially for those who need them for their jobs. If your phone battery has finally bitten the dust, or your kid dropped your computer in the bath, you need to find anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple of grand to get connected again.

Household Goods and Appliances

When the fridge is on the blink, no cold beer is the least of your worries. Then there’s the trusty old air-conditioner that patiently waits until there are three forty-degree days in a row in mid-January to pack it in. Sometimes it’s as simple as the baby growing out of her cot, necessitating the purchase of a bunk bed for the kids’ room. Whatever the case, these big-ticket expenses always have a way of popping up right when least expected or welcome.

Insurance Bills

While it makes perfect sense to set money aside to pay car, home, life and other insurance premiums when they come due, somehow it always gets pushed off until next month, until it’s too late. If you’re paying your bills monthly, you know how much it can all add up to, and when life happens, it can be a struggle to scrape together what you need to ensure your personal safety net, and still manage all your other expenses.

Utility Bills

Depending on which state you live in, electricity prices have risen between 155% and 239% in the past two years. South Australians suffer through the highest electricity prices in the entire world, and the pattern of staggering increases shows no sign of abating. Quarterly billing has provided some relief from the monthly stress of utility bills. However, with prices where they are, the shock of opening that envelope every three months leaves many of us wondering where we are going to find the funds to keep the lights on. If you’re struggling with your utilities, by far your best option is to contact your provider and discuss hardship assistance with them. You will be surprised at how accommodating they can be. If you still need a little extra leg up to get yourself ahead of the financial game, then a short-term loan at low interest can be a great way to navigate your way through to better times.

These are just a few reasons why you or someone you know might need access to short-term relief that will turn down the pressure dial and help manage finances. See for yourself how transparent and manageable a loan from Speckle is. Apply online today, or give us a call for more information and you could have the cash in your account in as little as two days so that you can get on with life with peace of mind.